When we first started building ponds and waterfalls many years ago, we soon realized that the main drawback of having a pond is the many man-hours spent maintaining it. Expensive filters that need constant cleaning, expensive chemicals that could kill either the fish or the plants, and that dreadful spring chore of repotting overgrown lilies just seemed overwhelming. Where could one find time to enjoy the peaceful serenity that was promised? 

While observing natural bodies of water, we asked ourselves how they stayed clean and clear. What parts of the ecosystem were actually cleaning and filtering the water? Through careful experimentation, we put together all of the pieces of the puzzle. Of course, we had some failures along the way. But, every year we seemed to come closer to our goal. Now that weíve arrived at a plan for an ecosystem that is virtually fool proof, we canít stop singing its praises and either can our many satisfied customers. Our goal is to liberate everyone from the hard work of maintaining a beautiful pond; to sit back and just enjoy the serenity. 

So when you visit us, donít expect to hear about expensive pumps or harmful chemicals. We wonít lie to you about what works or doesnít work. What we will do is show you a variety of landscape designs that will work in your particular case and help you plan your own unique water feature. All of our expertise is there for you to draw on. If you prefer to do it yourself, we will be happy to walk you through every phase of construction. Or, if you so desire, we will build your pond from the ground up, (or down). 

Ponds of Reflection also restores natural lakes and riversides. We give lectures to garden clubs and centers, and aquatic symposiums. Feel free to visit our nursery any weekend and view the many different types of water gardens on display. Bring all your questions, and leave with even more answers.